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Jared Paisley

Featured: Jared Paisley Captures Life’s Unnoticed Details in Photos and Film



Young filmmaker and photographer Jared Paisley first caught our eye with his intriguing close-up images of cars, those ubiquitous objects we see so often in afternoon traffic or brightly lit TV ads, but never really look at. Jared has a skill in finding beauty in the mundane. He captures the smooth lines and interesting details of both sleek, modern models and tyreless, rusty wrecks.


Jared’s father and brother are both passionate photographers, and their interest is what first encouraged Jared to pick up a camera. He doesn’t claim to be anywhere near professional level, like his father, but says “We all just have an eye for what we see as interesting”. For Jared, this translates into beautifully framed and balanced shots, in which he captures weird shapes and shadows.


His aesthetic perspective of Cape Town’s motorized transport was largely influenced by Garagisme, a Paris based car culture magazine. Instagram is another interesting source of inspiration, mostly because it allows him to follow the work of other creatives, but also for the endless stream of conventional images which challenges Jared to try to find different perspectives. In his words, “You see photos of sunsets, landscapes and portraits often, but not the small weird things people don’t always see. These can range from weird abstract shapes to cars parked alone. Not to say I don’t enjoy a good sunset or landscape myself, I just think it’s quite cool to notice things others don’t get to see.”


Jared’s first passion, however, is documentary filmmaking. He graduated from UCT in 2013 and since then has worked on several films, one of which, ‘Painting Cape Town’, was selected to be shown at the Durban International Film Festival. Recently he worked as cameraman and assistant editor on the soon to be released documentary, ‘Mama Marikana‘, a Master’s project by Aliki Saragas. The film gives voice to the women left behind after the violence of the Marikana massacre. Jared recently joined the team at The African Attachment, an independent film production company. Whether filming wildlife, political rallies or extreme sports, Jared has a way of conveying the vividness of what he sees, immersing the viewer in the scene, with all its sounds and textures.


When asked what he enjoyed about this medium, he responded, “I love filmmaking, but in particular documentary filmmaking because there is the ability to tell important, real stories. Sometimes film is just a great way to show people what you see and how you interpret things. That sounds super cheesy though. Like I said, I’m not good with words.” Lucky for this young filmmaker, his films and images speak for themselves.





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