Are You Nando’s Hot Young Designer 2015?



As part of their ongoing celebration of South African design, Nando’s is launching the Nando’s Hot Young Designer 2015 competition. The contest is a search for an exceptionally crafted and functional pendant light fitting that exhibits an authentic, forward thinking and sophisticated South African aesthetic, proudly designed by a gifted young South African artist.


If you’re a talented aspiring, amateur or professional product maker, crafter, architect, interior designer or design student under 35 who gets fired up about functional design, then this one’s for you.


Nando's Central Kitchen, Johannesburg

Nando’s Central Kitchen, Johannesburg


How to enter Nando’s Hot Young Designer 2015:


• Design a beautiful, useable and remarkably crafted pendant light fitting that will bring a sense of an authentic South African connection to the interior of a Nando’s restaurant, wherever it may be in the world.


• You’re not required to make the light to enter, but you are required to upload two images, each showing your Nando’s Hot Young Designer 2015 pendant light design from a different angle. These images can take the form of sketches, renders, diagrams or photographs of an existing design.


• Budget is a pivotal factor that will be taken into account by the judges when choosing a winning design. Please keep costs in mind when designing, factoring in materials, production and your profit margin.


For the full brief visit

Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 5 August 2015.


If your design is chosen to go through to the second round of judging, you’ll be contacted and asked to present a prototype or model of your light by Friday 30 October 2015.


Here is what you stand to win!


• An incredible opportunity to receive production support and payment for a limited-edition collection of one hundred of your winning pendant light fittings, which will be used in Nando’s restaurant interior designs locally and internationally.


• Talent incubation at Nando’s Central Kitchen coupled with collaborative support and the opportunity to discuss production options for your limited-edition Hot Young Designer 2015 collection. Travel and accommodation included.


• A golden ticket to Design Indaba 2016, to refuel your inspiration tank at the conference and expo after completing production of your Nando’s Hot Young Designer 2015 collection.


Get inspired:


To help get your creative juices flowing, Tracy Lynch, lead collaborator for Nando’s Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design, has curated a collection of locally designed and manufactured pendant lights. Take a look:


Image 1 Ashanti


These beautiful giant dome shades are the result of a creative collaboration between Ashanti Contemporary African Designs and Nando’s Central Kitchen. A colourful representation of South Africa’s reputation for creativity and innovative recycling, these bold, textured pendant lights were handwoven from the season’s discarded fabrics, which were hand-shredded into weavable strips.


Image 2 David Krynauw2 haywire light in walnut


The ‘Haywire light in walnut’ by David Krynauw is crafted with uncompromising attention to detail. David, who grew up on a small farm in Mpumalanga and was introduced to carpentry early on in his life by his father, has had no formal design training. He studied viticulture but the urge to design using the natural materials around him was irresistible and he followed his heart, the results exceptional.


Image 3 Africa meets China


‘Africa meets China’ in these pendant lights designed by Mara Fleischer in conjunction with Du Noon Urban Weavers. This cheeky liaison of African craftwork with Chinese products widely available in Africa came out of a collaborative creative workshop. The lights celebrate the proud continuation of traditional African craftsmanship, with a tongue-and-cheek nod to the reality of factory-made goods imported by the ship load into Africa.


IMage 4 Replicate Light by Abode


Makes you look twice, doesn’t it? This unconventional double-pendant wicker light from Abode evokes associations of clusters of indigenous weaverbirds’ nests. When switched on, soft consistent light streams out from between the interwoven natural fibres, casting a pattern on (the) space it’s in.


Wiid - dark cork pendants.pdf


Dark cork pendant lights by Laurie Wiid van Heerden of Wiid.Design are a reflection of his mission to “create pieces that can be seen as the interface between art and design.” The incredible texture of the cork juxtaposes with smooth clean design lines to create a pendant light that is seamlessly complex and simply fascinating.



Keep your ear to the ground for a big Nando’s announcement at the Design Indaba!


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