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AKEDO Online | A Desination For ‘Weird’ Local Fashion



The fashion label of Eleni Labrou, AKEDO is based on finding the balance between sophisticated and highly unusual design. Using this as the premise, she conceptualised an online store which would house her own brand as well as those of other designers.


“All the designers featured on the store create incredible, stand out ‘weird’ clothing that is still wearable for the general public,” says Eleni. The most important thing she looks out for when selecting new designers is how strong their brand is. It’s not about how big of a following they have but rather, how well a particular brand is conceived, considered and put together. Currently AKEDO Online features Anmari Honiball, Bomber, Fortune, Jana + Koos, Jenevieve Lyons, Lumin, Me.Plus.One, Rayne, Oath, Samantha Constable and Amos Tranque – with new additions lined up for April.





Amos Tranque



Following its initial launch in August 2014, AKEDO Online was given a fresh redesign in January this year. Working with developer Chris Mallis, Eleni wanted something that was practical and easy to use. “The inspiration for the new design came from tons of research into what makes a site functional to the user, while staying true to the brand’s aesthetic,” she explains.


AKEDO Online

AKEDO Online (ART)


The store is Eleni’s first experience as a retailer, and she’s learnt a lot through the process. “I’m still figuring out exactly what direction I want things to go in,” she says. “It’s like a little baby, you feed it and care for it but you never really know what it will turn out to be. It’s really exciting, and can only get better as I learn more.” From a branding perspective, Eleni plans to increase exports of AKEDO into Europe and to create a more affordable and wearable diffusion line for the South African market. Future plans for AKEDO Online include frequent public events, as a way to foster a real connection with the audience.


Browse the new site at www.akedo.co.za and stay up to date with AKEDO on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.









Bomber (shot by JP Hanekom)


jenevieve-lyons (1)

jenevieve-lyons (2)

Jenevieve Lyons (shot by Kent Andreasen)




OATH (shot by Paul Samuels)


samantha-constable (2)

samantha-constable (1)

Samantha Constable (shot by Andrew Berry)


me plus one x Jana and Koos (2)

me plus one x Jana and Koos (1)

Me.Plus.One x Jana + Koos (shot by Zander Opperman)



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