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#NowPlaying: Identity Heft, South Africa

John Wizards

John Wizards


Todo Mundo’s music coordinator Jasper Berg recently made his way to South Africa, which provided him with ample inspiration to compile the March playlist for David Byrne Radio. Titled ‘Identity Heft, South Africa’, the tracks were chosen by Jasper with the help of his cousin Tourmaline Berg and the naasMUSIC team.


“While there isn’t much genre continuity,” he says of his selections, “this month’s playlist represents an overall paradigm shift in popular music produced in South Africa.” He goes on to offer some thoughts on the success of SA music abroad saying, “Perhaps the reason why South African musicians have had little success in ‘the West’ is because there has been an expectation that it all needs to sound…you know…African. There had been a period where it seemed as though musicians were fascinated by the success of artists overseas, and looked to create music that would cater specifically to Western audiences. I couldn’t help but notice that in following that school of thought, the music suffered, and unfortunately, that particular model for success didn’t seem to work.”


During his semi-annual visit to Cape Town to see his parents and extended family, Jasper developed a keen excitement for the general direction that local music seemed to be heading in. “The music sounded unique; all to its own,” he says. “The music celebrates who they are as a people, as South Africans, with melodies, rhythms, and lyrics unique to that corner of the world. The desire for overseas success appears to have disappeared.”


‘Identity Heft, South Africa’ comes in at over 2 hours full of our favourites. Give it a whirl below, and find the tracklist on Mixcloud.



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