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Velocity Afrika

Chicken Licken Pre-Roll LOLs for ‘Bang Bang Mix’ Campaign


Earlier this year Chicken Licken treated us to a hilarious sequence of events in a TVC for their latest deal, the R15 Bang Bang Mix. The spectacularly low price is the inspiration once again for their new pre-roll online ads by Net#work BBDO and Velocity Afrika, who said, “With a client pre-production meeting that lasted a record 14 minutes, these ads aren’t rocket science. The recipe: cast the Gautrain train driver, a suspected wheeler dealer, a professional ballerina, a stunt double fish and a henpecked husband and have fun with them in front of a locked off camera.” The excellent assortment of social misfits is quintessentially ‘Chicken Licken’, but the best part is arguably the customised logo treatment at the end of each skit.




Agency: Network BBDO
CCO: Mike Schalit
ECD: Jenny Glover, Brent Singer, Brad Reilly
Copywriter: Chad Goddard
Art Director: Coenie Grebe
TV Producer: Caroline Switala

Production Company: Velocity Films
Producer: Boris Vossgater
Director: Tristyn von Berg
DP: Rob Wilson





Shag, marry, kill?


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