Escape | A Short Film About Freedom


Escape is a short film which tells the story of a man bound by the shackles of society and a mundane reality and his desire to break free. Through beautiful shots and interesting effects and overlays, the film displays the main character tied down by a seemingly endless routine before flying free on his skateboard as he embodies ‘freedom’.


Directed by Johan de Klerk along with editor Juri Badehorst, shot by Hennie Le Roux and produced by Roland Reed and Rowen Smith, Escape was shot in Cape Town over three days as a collaboration by the team of local creatives to be entered into the film category of the PPC Imaginarium Competition where it was awarded the 2nd Prize.




Producers: Roland Reed and Rowen Smith
Directors: Juri badenhorst and Johan de Klerk
DOP: Hennie Le Roux
Gimble operator: Gareth Place
Editor: Juri Badenhorst
Sound Designer: Chris De Wet and Barend van Der Walt
Credit sequence/illustrator: Chrizanne van Breda
Composer: Barend van Der Walt
Music credits: Bad America, Luke Antencio, John Wizards.
Compositor: Johan Van Huyssteen
Creative consultant: Beathur Baker
The Rider: Wesley Schroeder
Produced by Undiscovered Media Cape Town and The Mill Park Series


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