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Petite Noir Directs a Minimal, Black & White Music Video for ‘The Fall’


A simple white studio is the backdrop for Petite Noir’s new music video for ‘The Fall’, directed by and starring Yannick Ilunga himself and his girlfriend Rochelle (Rharha) Nembhard. The stripped down approach becomes all the more poignant considering his previous visual offering was the wacky and colourful music video for ‘Chess’ inspired by the aspirational photography of Philip Kwame Apagya. Much more understated but no less striking, the film created for ‘The Fall’ was influenced by Marina Abramovic’s 2010 MoMA performance The Artist Is Present.


“The video is based on my real relationship, but it’s overexaggerated,” Yannick told T Magazine, who hosted the premiere yesterday. “The first video we shot looked more like a timeline, and we scrapped that. This video shows what a relationship in general is: our attempt to lose selfness and achieve unity. When we fall, we fall together.”


‘The Fall’ is one of the five tracks off Petite Noir’s debut EP, The King Of Anxiety, out now on Domino Records.


Petite Noir 'The Fall' 1

Petite Noir 'The Fall' 2

Petite Noir 'The Fall' 3

Petite Noir 'The Fall' 5


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