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Ireland/Davenport’s Viral Anti-Women Abuse Campaign in Response to #TheDress

Ireland - Davenport  - Women Abuse - Jpeg


A campaign conceptualised and implemented within 24 hours by Ireland/Davenport became a global phenomenon shortly after its release. Inspired by the astounding attention generated by #TheDress meme – an image of a dress circulating the internet causing great uproar as some people saw the fabric as white and gold, while others saw black and blue – Ireland/Davenport opted to put a powerful message behind the often frivolous nature of memes.


The issue of abuse was a clear and obvious link to the concept of black and blue for the creative team and thus the idea was proposed on a pro-bono basis to CareHaven and The Salvation Army. The result was an ad that features a bruised model wearing a gold and white version of #TheDress with the caption asking: why it is so hard to see black and blue?


Virus, the specialist viral content marketing division of the Ireland/Davenport Group, was instrumental in extending the reach of this ground-breaking campaign. Initial figures from The Salvation Army show that the ad had in excess of 30.6 million twitter impressions within 24 hours and 4.6 million of these from the @SalvationArmySA account. The ad coincided with International Women’s Day on the 9th of March and has since been carried in over 200 broadcast outlets, publications, news sites and blogs.


The campaign will be extended in other media outlets in the coming weeks.




Executive Creative Directors – Philip Ireland and John Davenport
Creative Director – Wihan Meerholz
Art Director – Caitlyn Goldring
Art Director – Werner Cloete
Account Director -David Sutherland
Photography Production – Natalie Andrews
Photographer – Huw Morris
Model – Skye Capazorio
Retouching – Zelda Meerholz (The Post office)
Makeup – Graeme Press (The Creature Shop SA)
Studio – Glo Studios


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