Diamond Thug Share the Music Video for Their Latest Single, ‘Waiting on the Sun’


Cape Town indie-electronic rock outfit, Diamond Thug, have released the music video for their latest single ‘Waiting on the Sun’. The video follows the band’s Chantel Van T (vocals), Danilo Queiros (bass and production) and Adrian Culhane (guitar, backing vocals and production) as they’re pursued by a gun-wielding bounty hunter. The lyrics “We keep waiting, sipping on the sun, and I can’t win if you don’t let me run” form an anthem for the trio while they’re being chased across a mountainous landscape and into an abandoned building, where they make their escape.


From March 23, ‘Waiting on the Sun’ will be available to purchase on Bandcamp and up for free streaming on Soundcloud. Diamond Thug are currently working on a 6 track EP set to release towards the middle of the year. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and if you’re in Joburg, catch the band live at Sowing the Seeds this Saturday.




Produced by: SteamCat Productions
Directed & Edited by: Michelle Nel
Cinematography & Colour Grading by: Dirk Van Niekerk
Cast: Diamong Thug and Shaun Van T


Diamong Thug 'Waiting on the Sun' 1

Diamong Thug 'Waiting on the Sun' 2

Diamong Thug 'Waiting on the Sun' 3

Diamong Thug 'Waiting on the Sun' 5


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