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Openings This Week: CT | A Printmaking Talk and Performances by a 200kg Spider

Except for an Andrzej Urbanski solo show at Salon 91, there aren’t many new exhibitions opening in Cape Town this week. There are plenty of talks and a few performances though, including a talk on contemporary printmaking by some big names in the industry at the AVA Gallery, a tour with Stephen Allwright at Luvey ‘n Rose, an artist walkabout by Elize Vossgatter and a performance by Hilla Steinert at Commune1. Also watch out for performances by James Clayton and his 200kg Flower Spider in the Company’s Gardens. Here are the details:


Tuesday, 17 February


A performance by artist James Clayton and his 200kg Flower Spider is taking place in the Company’s Gardens every day this week


James Clayton


Artist James Clayton will be sharing his 200kg Flower Spider in a public space, hoping to remind the viewers of their connection with nature. A phenomenon of modern design and pneumatic technology, biological and artistic, Flower Spider has not come to scare or fight. Instead it comes with an invitation to engage with Nature and enter into a conversation that tests our attitudes, questions our behaviours and inspires us to dream of different ways of being.


Until 20 March there will be three 20-minute performances per day, at 10h00, 11h30 and 13h00, which will each be followed by a half-hour Q&A session with the artist.


See the Flower Spider Facebook page for more.



A Talk on Printmaking is taking place at the AVA Gallery


The AVA Gallery


A discussion between Katherine Bull, Paul Edmunds and Zhane Warren, chaired by Matthew Blackman, on Contemporary Printmaking in South Africa.


35 Church Street at 6pm.

See the Facebook event for more info.



Wednesday, 18 March


Commune1 is hosting a walkabout of In the end we’re all to blame with artist Elize Vossgatter alongside a performance by Hilla Steinert in response to this show.




Performance artist Hilla Steinert will be performing for the last time at the gallery. This final performance will be an accumulation of the artist’s performative responses to the gallery space, Cape Town and Elize Vossgatter’s exhibition currently on show.


64 Wale Street. Walkabout starts at 1pm and performance at 2pm.

See for more.



Stephen Allwright is doing an walkabout of his new exhibition at Luvey ‘n Rose


Stephen Allwright


In response to the great interest shown in Stephen Allwright’s Studio Bomb currently on display at Luvey ‘n Rose, we will host a talk with the artist. With his observant eye and contemporary subject matter, Allwright’s work proves to be multilayered, relevant and brave. The artist will speak about the diverse works created over the last few years. This accumulation of drawings, sketches and paintings are displayed as if they were hanging in his studio. Guests will find out more about the artist’s background, his artistic practice as well as the themes that he explores.


66 Loop Street at 6:30pm.


See the Facebook event for more info.



Mindgame, an exhibition of abstract paintings and sculptures by Andrzej Urbanski is opening at Salon 91


Andrzej Urbanski


The street runs deeply in his blood. Urbanski left his days of full-time train bombing back in Berlin where he started writing in his teens and now creates large, shimmering, optically bending spaces composed from the architectural squares, triangles and hexagons of today’s contemporary built environment. The years as an undergraduate student in the very newly de-walled Berlin was a time of full-time devotion to graffiti for this Polish-born but German-homed artist. It was only after he had received his BA in Communication and Graphic Design (BTK-FH, Berlin) (2010) and set off to complete an MFA at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland (2012), that Urbanski left the train yards behind to pursue a more traditional form of painting full-time. The works you see before you today are a culmination of that biography a testament to abstract art as a direct engagement with the world, not a withdrawal from it. Since his 2012 Artist Residency in South Africa Urbanski has devoted his time to the streets, cultures and social interactions of his new home city, Cape Town.


91 Kloof Street at 6:30pm.

Exhibition runs from 18 March – 18 April 2015.

See for more.



Thursday, 19 March 


Thursday Late is taking place in Woodstock




Thursday Late is the mobile edition of what you may know as First Thursdays. The next edition will be in Woodstock on 19 March 2015, from 5pm until 9pm and later. Explore some of Cape Town’s best art galleries along with great studios, stores, cafes, bars and eateries.


Sir Lowry Road and surrounds from 5pm – 9pm.

See their website for highlights or join the Facebook event for details.



Two solo exhibitions by young emerging artists are opening at ART AFRICA Project Room.


ART AFRICA Project Room


Namsa Leuba (Guinea/Switzerland) was born in 1982 to a Guinean mother and a Swiss father. During the past two years, her research has focused on African identity through Western eyes. Her work has been published in numerous magazines, including KALEIDOSCOPE, Foam, Vice Magazine, New York Magazine, Wallpaper and the British Journal of Photography. For this exhibition, Leuba presents photographic images from her series ‘Ya Kala Ben’ (2011), ‘The African Queens’ (2012) and ‘Cocktail’ (2014), as well as a number of images from a series, shot during her time in South Africa, shown exclusively for the first time at THAT ART FAIR, an alternative fringe art fair that took place in Cape Town from 27 February – 1 March 2015.


ART AFRICA Project Room


Jacob Tetteh Ashong (Ghana) has been an apprentice to his father, Joseph Ashong (more famously known as Paa Joe), a Ghanaian figurative palanquin and fantasy coffin artist. Jacob Ashong first exhibited work in South Africa at THAT ART FAIR and in this, his first solo exhibition, Ashong presents a number of customised coffin maquettes from Ghana – exquisitely handcrafted sculptural artworks in their own right. Designs include everything from coke bottles to cars and are chosen to represent the person the coffin will carry.


Unit 2, 121 Cecil Road, Salt River, Cape Town at 5:30pm.



Galactic Waves Vol. 5 is taking place at The Eye


The Eye


The volume of Galactic Waves is a screening of Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise, a 1980 jazz film by Robert Mugge documenting performances by Sun Ra and his Arkestra in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, and also including interviews and rehearsal footage. The Philadelphia performances captured by the film took place at Danny’s Hollywood Palace and on the rooftop of the Philadelphia International Center. The Baltimore performance took place in the Famous Ballroom, hosted by the Left Bank Jazz Society. Sun Ra compositions featured in the film include “Astro Black,” “Along Came Ra,” “We Travel the Spaceways,” and “Requiem for Trevor Johnson.” In 2001, the film was screened as part of Maryland Film Festival in the former Famous Ballroom, now part of the expanded Charles Theatre, where the film’s Baltimore performances were shot.


44a Bloem Street. Screening starts at 8pm.

Join the Facebook event for more.



An evening of Tech Talks is taking place at KAT-O


KAT-O Tech Talks


KAT-O’s Tech Talk is an evening of science, technology and innovation, presented by a specialist within a field, followed by food, drinks and networking. This month’s Tech Talk speakers Jepchumpa from Aviro and Christopher and Riaan from HealthQ will be showing us how this is becoming possible with the work they are doing in the medical industry.


75 Harrington Street from 6pm – 8:30pm.

See the Facebook event for details.



Design Dialogues V8.0 | Africa Rising is taking place at the V&A Watershed


Design Dialogues


Is African design on the rise? Is it a place or a look? What about cultural appropriation and stereotypes? It’s a brave new world, so join us at The Watershed for the first Design Dialogues of 2015 to navigate and leverage these tough questions that come with an increased global interest in our continent’s creativity.


V&A Watershed from 6pm – 9pm.

Remember to RSVP here.

See the Facebook event for updates.



Saturday, 21 March


Death Disco, the launch party for The Lake issue #003 is taking place at The Woodstock Exchange


Death Disco


66 – 68 Albert Road from 4pm – 10pm.

See the Facebook event for more.



Monday, 23 March


MARCH //2Weeks, a digital residency program hosted by Floating Reverie with Chloë Hugo-Hamman as the artist




Floating Reverie is a digital online residency started in early 2014. It aims to explore and expand on the digital medium through developing a constructive dialogue with multiple artists and creatives based in Johannesburg, South Africa and internationally. Last year Chloë created a range of wearable art works (You Are What You Eat) in the form of fashion items in collaboration with the local street wear label 2Bop. A portion of this range is now available in 14 of the top tier Sportscene stores in South Africa. These stores are in 5 provinces and in 7 cities nationwide. Over the course of fourteen days she will be exploring the location of each of the Sportscene stores as well as their surrounds, one store each day for fourteen days.


This digital Residency takes place from 23 March until 15 April 2015.

Keep up on the Facebook event page.


More about Floating Reverie



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