Sarah Biggs_Surfacing_2014_Oil on canvas_600 x 800 mm_R 8 000

Surface: Emerging Painters at Barnard Gallery

Sarah Biggs
Sarah Biggs_One Too Many Mornings


As an art form, painting has in the past been admired, at times seemingly overlooked, and even at one point declared ‘dead’. Yet the act of taking brush to canvas is a creative process that resists containment and refuses to be subordinated by other popular, modern forms. From cave painting, through the Renaissance, and all the way to Jackson Pollock and David Hockney, it has survived. And it has recently, once again, begun to thrive. Having noticed a number of local artists making new art in this age-old way, we put together a list of 7 Contemporary Painters You Need to Know AboutBarnard Gallery has also been taking note of these painters and their current show, Surface: Emerging Painters reflects painting’s relevance in contemporary art and its ability to hold humans’ fascination. The exhibition is a celebration of the dynamic creativity painting both allows and communicates. 


Featuring the work of a select group of local artists, this exhibition shows how the medium is being redefined by up-and-coming painters in the context of contemporary South African art. From the evocative moods and textures of Sarah Biggs’ work to the dream-like creations of Alexia Vogel, the visible brushstrokes of Mia Chaplin, and the painted snapshots of Kirsten Lilford; each of the participating artists brings their own unique style and reflection to a painterly rendering of the world. Painting is explored as both a medium and its own subject, and is shown to inspire a variety of attitudes and approaches. Ultimately the exhibition is a showcase of beautiful and contemporary re-imaginings of this long-established, recently resurgent and ever-enduring practice.


See it until 19 March 2015.


Sarah Biggs_Surfacing_2014_Oil on canvas_600 x 800 mm_R 8 000
Sarah Biggs_Surfacing
Sarah Biggs_The Encounter III_2014_Oil on paper_110 x 150 mm_ R 1 600
Sarah Biggs_The Encounter III
Sarah Biggs_Observation I_2014_Oil on canvas_300 x 225 mm_R 2 500
Sarah Biggs_Observation I
Kirsten Lilford_After noon_2015_Oil on canvas_900 x 1200mm_ R12,500
Kirsten Lilford_After noon
Mia Chaplin_Go ahead and break me_ 2014_Oil on canvas_ 515 x 720 mm_R 12 500
Mia Chaplin_Go ahead and break me
Mia Chaplin_Fools Gold_2014_oil on paper_R 7000
Mia Chaplin_Fools Gold
Mia Chaplin_Strange Paradise_2014_oil on canvas
Mia Chaplin_Strange Paradise
Mia Chaplin_Cabin at Beaverlac_2014_Oil on paper_209 x 380 mm_R 7 500
Mia Chaplin_Cabin at Beaverlac
Alexia Vogel_Teich Continued_2015_Oil on canvas_1802 x 1602_R 25 000
Alexia Vogel_Teich Continued
Alexia Vogel_Mirror_2015_Oil on paper_ 665 x 965 mm_R 9 000
Alexia Vogel_Mirror
Katherine Spindler_Out of Water_2014_Oil on canvas_2013 x 1290mm_R 18 000
Katherine Spindler_Out of Water
Katherine Spindler_ Untitled (Cloud)_2014_Oil on paper_ 300 x 250 mm_R 3000
Katherine Spindler_ Untitled (Cloud)
Jaco van Schalkwyk_01.07.2014 BNI 02.32.40 PM_ 510 x 610 x 50 mm_ Oil on canvas_R 23 000
Jaco van Schalkwyk_01.07.2014 BNI 02.32.40 PM
Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi_The Other Side_2015_ Oil on canvas_600 x 900mm_ R 28 500
Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi_The Other Side


Between 10 and 5