Orange babies

A Mother’s Love in “Borrowed Time”, A Commercial for NGO Orange Babies



When you can’t have one, an ordinary life is an extraordinary thing. “Borrowed Time” is an ad for Dutch NGO Orange Babies that depicts an HIV-positive mother trying to let her baby see and experience as much as possible before it is too late. In the ad, developed by marketing agency Quirk and produced Fresh Eye Films, she excitedly points out life’s little details to the bundle cradled in her arms.


Orange Babies is a Dutch NGO focused on assisting HIV-positive pregnant women and their babies in Africa and they needed help to increase the awareness of their organization to raise support and funds for their work here in South Africa. The team at Quirk decided they needed to create a message that would touch people and move them to donate to the cause. Inspiration for their chosen story came from a significant fact that, with the medical advancement made in recent years, the chance of Pregnant Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV can be decreased from over 90% to less than 1.7%. It is merely a matter of having timely access to the right medication, education and support. This is essential in ensuring that, one day, no more children will have their lives cut short by HIV.


The team spent 6 months conceptualising and planning before shooting the ad over two days long days in Johannesburg CBD and Hillbrow. Set to an original track ‘Light’, donated by American singer-songwriter Sleeping at Last, the result is a poignant depiction of a mother’s love and a reflection on how precious life is.


From a digital perspective, Quirk spent much time making sure that the donation process is as seamless and easy as possible and that the film would work as hard it could online. Stephen Sandmann, SEO Specialist, explains, “We applied SEO to their YouTube video and website to maximise their online reach in a cost-effective way. The SMS line was also added to their website’s Google Search descriptions; meaning that people can make a donation via their phones, without having to visit the site or watch the full video.”




Country Manager, Orange Babies.: Adrienne Feldner-Busztin
Agency: Quirk
Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director/Copywriter: Steph van Niekerk
UX Design: Sarah Gourlie
Web Developer: Wesley Forsyth
SEO Specialist: Stephen Sandmann

Production company: Fresh Eye Films
Director: Cindy Lee
Producer: Brian Critchfield
DOP: Jamie D Ramsay
Editor, Orchestra Blue: Graham Smith
Sound Engineer, Produce: Louis Enslin


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