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Sleep in a Hyperactive World | The Lookbook for OATH’s Fall 2015 Menswear Collection


For the first time in South Africa, menswear was given a stand alone platform at the inaugural SA Menswear Fashion Week in Cape Town and it was here that we caught our first glimpse of OATH’s Fall 2015 collection.


Taking on the concept of sleep and its varying executions in a world so full of hyperactivity, the range collects sleep, work and school inspired looks into one uncategorised mould. We see silk pyjamas layered with bold outerwear, a pastel scribble print, contemporary corporate tailoring and a carved colour palette of grey, navy, olive and mustard.


“The thinking behind it was very chilled,” says founder and creative director Rich Mnisi. “I played around with the idea of how some people sleep in pyjamas, others in their workwear and some in their school uniform – so why not bring all of these themes into one bowl, rather than restricting them.” For a brand known for its structured sportswear, this collection shows OATH’s willingness to step outside this box and explore new, exciting possibilities.


Lookbook credits:


Photography: Steve Marais
Styling: Francois Ferreira
Models: Arshad Dean and Ebrahim Patel @ Boss JHB



Rich Mnisi - STEVEMARAIS_06



Rich Mnisi - STEVEMARAIS_10


Rich Mnisi - STEVEMARAIS_17

Rich Mnisi - STEVEMARAIS_11

Rich Mnisi - STEVEMARAIS_03


Rich Mnisi - STEVEMARAIS_12

Rich Mnisi - STEVEMARAIS_07


Rich Mnisi - STEVEMARAIS_04




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