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Zines! Zines! Zines! | Buy A Mixed Pack Of South African Indie Publications

Zines Zines Zines


Ever since we told you about 15 local self-published zines and indie publications to take note of, we’ve haven’t been able to get these off our minds. In fact, we’ve been noticing more and more exciting zines being published independently by South African creatives, and we want them all. The problem is that some of them are limited editions or once offs, not for sale or nearly impossible to find if you don’t know someone who knows someone. It’d also be very rare to find them all in once place. While you can see most of them online, it’s not quite the same as paging through one (or leaving it on your coffee table to show off). So, for the love of print, we’ve hunted down a selection of interesting indie publications and are making mixed packs which you can buy right here and right now. You’re welcome!


From beautifully printed magazines that focus on the art of writing to homemade and hand-illustrated zines, parody, pop-culture and a few photography focussed publications – not to mention those with no purpose except for being ridiculously beautiful and fun – we’re rounding up the nicest ones to make a few bag o’ zines. There are limited numbers, so buy one for yourself before telling your friends.


The Deal

A mixed pack containing a selection of 5 – 7 South African independent print publications (the value of each selection will add up to the same amount) sent to you via the post for R300.


UPDATE: Sales for this round of zines have closed.


Terms and Conditions

Payment is via credit card (Payfast) or EFT.

Shipping is FREE anywhere in South Africa. Packages to be delivered in SA only.

Sorry, no requests. Publications will be added randomly – it’s part of the fun.

Unfortunately no refunds.

We reserve the right to cancel this offer at any stage, then we’ll obviously refund you.

We’ll send off all the packages on the same day, once they’ve all been sold. So hang tight until we announce the date.

Ask any questions in the comments box below.




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