Josh Hayman

Brutal Assault: A Filmic Experience of India


Having dabbled in photography, design and advertising and now focusing on filmmaking, Josh Hayman seems to have the epitome of a self-made dream job. This of course includes much work-based traveling (dream job right?) and Josh’s latest project took him to India where he spent two weeks shooting a short film for a prominent UK based financial services company. The video here is a sort of director’s cut of the trip: a mixture of footage, some of which didn’t make the final commercial edit, which reflects his personal experience of the brutal, beautiful, heavy and heady subcontinent.


Filming the streets of Delhi and the cotton fields and villages of Gujarat, Josh’s beautiful sound design and skillful editing give a sense of immediacy, ever-heightening drama and palpable energy. Spicy, fragrant food is prepared before our eyes, just ignore the buzz of flies; on the streets we see all the animals we eat, both dead and alive. One senses the cacophony of noise, the swarms of people and the unrelenting heat. Yet the chaos of the traffic-slugged city is also juxtaposed with the natural beauty of green plantations – an oasis of serenity.


For Josh, creating work that really speaks to or moves people is paramount. Life in India might be vivid and enthralling to the eye, but it is by no means easy. Whether showing young boys playing in the dust or wrinkled elderly men listening to the radio, ‘Brutal Assault’ captures humanity in joy and hardship.


Josh HaymanJosh HaymanJosh HaymanJosh HaymanJosh HaymanJosh Hayman




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