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Cassandra Collet

Caylin Wilsnach’s Luminance Collection Elegantly Shot By Cassandra Collett

Cassandra Collet


AFI fastrack finalist Caylin Wilsnach joined forces with Cape Town based fashion photographer Cassandra Collett to create a clean, elegant shoot featuring her end of year range, Luminance.


The collection was inspired by light; the way it moves through opaque surfaces as well as its ability to occupy space. The concept was developed from a brief received by Caylin during her final year of college, which was to draw inspiration from one’s daily environment and interpret it into a futuristic aesthetic. The range is made up of fabrics such as cotton, twill and linen dyed mint and aqua tones. To give the collection a sporty appeal Caylin incorporated scuba fabric in ivory, and the more sophisticated pieces were made from Italian stretch crepe to add variety.


“The futuristic appeal came from the use of opaque plastic or rather acrylic. I created pleats by hand stitching on the skirt. I also used reflective vinyl transfer printing on the garments which served both a futuristic purpose and tied in with the light concept,” Caylin explains.


When it came to the shoot, the aim was to convey the same message as the Luminance collection in an urban setting with a minimalist feel. Cassandra set out to create images that would complement the range and she used features like doorways and archives to frame the model and emphasise the garments.


“This shoot was a turning point for me,” says Cassandra, who mostly shoots outdoors and typically in sunshine, with vague client briefs allowing her a lot of creative license. “Caylin knew exactly what she wanted from the second she first emailed me and it was a great challenge for me to have to create the exact image she had held in her minds’ eye. Working indoors with pouring rain outside and not much light was also a new scenario for me but I enjoyed it, and definitely got to know my lighting on location better. Since then I have played around much more with similar set ups and am enjoying this new found style.”


Photography: Cassandra Collett
Designer and styling: Caylin Wilsnach
Hair and make-up: Bia Ekstien also known as The Little Harlequin
Model: Ernania from Boss Models (D&A models at the time)


Cassandra ColletCassandra ColletCassandra ColletCassandra ColletCassandra ColletCassandra ColletCassandra Collet

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