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Thor Rixon Says ‘Fuk Bread’ in His Latest Track and Music Video

We’re no strangers to Thor Rixon’s wonderful brand of weirdness but even then, nothing could have quite prepared us for his latest musical offering and video (slash performance art piece?) by the name of ‘Fuk Bread’.  

When Thor announced the release this morning, it went as follows:  

“Good day you lovely babes. I present to you, my latest music video, ‘Fuk Bread’. It’s a period drama with lots of tension and deceit. No one can be trusted. A gripping read. I hope it does something to you. Apologies in advance for the skin suit, it was a lot tighter than I had anticipated.”  

Now that pretty much covers it, though he didn’t mention the fact that his white leotard wearing back-up dancers shave off his signature dreadlocks in front of our very eyes. The song itself is the lead single off Thor’s upcoming album, Songs From The Bath, and it includes lyrical gems like “Let’s make a salad and cry” and a recipe for avant garde mayo.   Just by looking at the credits below you’ll see the video was a collaborative effort involving many of Cape Town’s creative talents…and The Universe.  

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Crew: Dave East, Rob Wisniewski, Jason Broderick, Claudia Allmann, The Universe Dancers: Amy Lester, Jana Babez, Siya Ngcobo, Matt Rightford / Tattoo artist: Baden Noir / Special thanks to: Ian McNair, Jake Lipman, Xander Van Der, Patrick Visser, Jonny Joel / Produced by: naas – 

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