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Howard Audio | A CI Created with Cymatics


When designing a corporate identity, it’s best to look to the very product being branded for inspiration, in this case: sound. Using cymatics, the study of visual sound using a series of vibrations, the logo for Howard Audio was warped, scattered or rippled into new formations, and the process was documented in this video.


The agency responsible is The Spanish Coalition, “When Howard Audio needed a corporate identity, the exploration of the origins of sound is what sparked the first ideas for a visual language. Looking at the basics of sound and understanding its roots led to the need to try and visualise Howard Audio’s brand. What would Howard Audio look like if it were a sound? And how would we capture that?


The answer was Cymatics. We created a logo and using cymatics we were able to experiment with a series of materials to explore what effects different sounds and instruments would have on that physical logo. We photographed and recorded these results with a high speed camera. From that experiment we created a corporate identity which is ever changing and adaptable to different scenarios.”


Such a visual solution is fitting in this instance as the man behind the company, Adam Howard, is considered somewhat of a ‘designer of sound’. Adam is an accomplished trumpet player and is one of the leading composers of original music for commercials in South Africa. It was a recording of Adam’s trumpet that was played to make these audio-based logos visible. Adam acts as the musical director of the Johannesburg Big Band, an ensemble of 17 of SA’s leading session musicians. He is also the Musical Director for William Kentridge’s Refuse the Hour which was performed recently as part of this year’s Design Indaba in Cape Town.


Formerly Howard Music, Howard Audio is a newly launched, fully serviced sound and music studio in Bryanston, Johannesburg, offering everything from final mix, musical direction, album production and recording to original music for TV and radio. The facility boasts three state of the art studios built by Benjamin Pro Audio and was designed to be a space that not only delivers acoustically but that can be a place where artists can feel inspired to produce their best work.


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