20 Years Of Living In Levi’s | Documentary by ANDPEOPLE


2014 marked an important milestone for Levi Strauss & Co. with the brand celebrating its 20th anniversary of operating in South Africa. Following the peaceful and fundamental democratic elections in 1994, Levi’s was one of the first global companies to re-enter the South African market.


To celebrate this occasion, Levi’s approached youth culture engagement specialists ANDPEOPLE to create a concept that would honour the people and stories that have shaped the business over its 20 years in this country. As part of their answer to this brief, the creative agency collaborated with filmmaker Richard Gregory to create the 20 Years Of Living In Levi’s documentary featuring past and present employees – some of who have been working there for all 20 years – as they share fond memories of time spent at the company. The documentary offers viewers a rare glimpse into a company of this kind as it navigates through two decades worth of rich film footage, photographs and brand campaigns. It highlights how the brand is both product- and people-orientated and serves as an ode to the iconic brand’s history in South Africa and the people who made it possible; a content piece that will ensure that the legacy of Levi Strauss & Co. lives on.


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Production Company: The Good Work Picture Company
Director: Richard Finn Gregory
Cinematography: Kim Hinrichs, Richard Finn Gregory
Editors: Richard Finn Gregory, Sam Kanyama
Producers: Kim Terri Smith, Duncan MacLennan


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