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Same Face, Different Take | 9 Locals in Front of the Lens

Our focus on South African photography this month got us thinking about the people who often feature in photographs, so today we’re turning an eye towards some of the local faces we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Taking nothing away from the talented people behind the camera, it’s far too easy to underestimate the role of those in front of it – especially when they make it look so effortless. The aim of collecting all these photos in one place as we’ve done here is to show the same faces in many different ways, an exploration of interpretation, if you will, as each photographer captures the subject in a new light and highlights a unique aspect of their personality.


Julia Campbell-Gillies


Julia Campbell Gilles by Sven

Sven Kristian


A dreamy Capetonian beauty with piercing blue eyes, or “your semi-hot cousin” as she describes herself, Julia Campbell-Gillies is an art student and a model represented by Boss. For some of her work on the production side of things, have a look at the gorgeous ballet-inspired shoot she conceptualised for C-Heads magazine or Nicholas Coutts’ latest lookbook.


Julia Campbell Gilles by Caroline Mackintosh

Caroline Mackintosh


Julia Campbell Gilles by Katja Marr

Katja Marr


Julia Campbell Gilles by Betina du Toit

Betina du Toit


Julia Campbell Gilles by Ane Strydom

Ane Strydom





Moonchild by Justin McGee

Justin McGee


We’ve come to recognise Moonchild not only by her unique sound (that emerged out of a blend of classical, jazz, to hip hop, kwaito and electronic) but also by her signature blue locks and all-round zany style. After featuring in Fantasma’s ‘Shangri-La’ and the trippy music video that accompanied it, Moonchild wrapped up her debut solo album which is due for release soon and we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of her as a result.


Moonchild by Kent Andreasen

Kent Andreasen


Moonchild by Musa N Nxumalo

Musa N. Nxumalo


Moonchild Sanelly by Thina Zibi

Thina Zibi


Moonchild by Nikki Zakkas

Nikki Zakkas



Sanele Xaba


Sanele Xaba by Chris Saunders (2)

Chris Saunders


Over the past year we’ve seen Sanele Xaba all over. He’s featured in Justin Dingwall’s breathtaking fine art photographs, been dressed as a vision of contemporary African style in a collaborative editorial and he’s walked numerous fashion week runways. And there’s a lot more to come – represented by Boss, Sanele is soon making the move from Joburg to Cape Town to pursue modelling full time.


Sanele Xaba by Jake Michael Singer

 Jake Michael Singer


Sanele Xaba by Justin Dingwall

Justin Dingwall


Sanele Xaba by Kope Figgins

Kope | Figgins


Sanele Xaba by Travys Owen

Travys Owen



Bee Beardsworth


Bee Beardsworth by michelle tran

Michelle Tran


Bee Beardsworth is a model, artist and writer who also happens to have a pair of the most jealousy-inducing brows we’ve ever seen. Along with these she’s recently appeared in a gloriously old-school campaign shot by Lyall Coburn for The Joinery and in a fun shoot with photographer Caroline Mackintosh (and some ostriches) for This Is Junk. At the moment Bee is based in Sydney, where she’s represented by Jaz Daly Management.


Bee Beardsworth by Romain



Bee Beardsworth by Lyall Coburn

Lyall Coburn


Bee Beardsworth by Amelia Dowd

Amelia Dowd


Bee Beardsworth by Caroline Mackintosh

Caroline Mackintosh



Nastassja van der Merwe


Nastassja van der Merwe by Betina du Toit

Betina du Toit


Mermaid meets punk goes some way in describing Nastassja van der Merwe‘s edgy beauty; with her ever-changing hair, piercings and tattoos. Having studied at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Natassja loves fashion and is an aspiring designer – though she’s presently signed with Ice Models and is wholly focused on a career in modelling (until further notice, that is).


Nastassja van der Merwe by dennis-swiatkowski

Dennis Swiatkowski


Nastassja van der Merwe by Francois Visser

Francois Visser


Nastassja van der Merwe by Kent Andreasen

Kent Andreasen


Nastassja van der Merwe by YuanYi Zhang

YuanYi Zhang



Yannick Ilunga aka Petite Noir


Petite Noir by Jody Brand

Jody Brand (Chomma)


For at least one week before and after the release of Yannick Ilunga aka Petite Noir‘s debut EP The King Of Anxiety, it seemed as though the album cover (pictured below) was all we saw. It’s one of many striking images that the “Noirwave” musician has been the subject of in his career so far and it goes without saying it won’t be the last.


Petite Noir KOA

Marcus Haney


Petite Noir by Danielle Clough 1

Danielle Clough



Kent Andreasen


Petite Noir by Travys Owen

Travys Owen



Azuli Peeters


Azuli Peeters by Dylan forsberg

Dylan Forsberg


Azuli Peeters first came up on our radar when Paul Ward photographed her for his “I AM” youth series and she’s only been on the rise since then. Lately, Azuli has been featuring in local campaign images left right and centre – check her out sporting Cult 11AD’s futuristic knitwear, Adriaan Kuiters x Jody Paulsen’s print-full ss15collection and YOH!’s ‘On Sight’ streetwear line.


Azuli Peeters by Lea Colombo

Lea Colombo


Azuli Peeters by Spencer Wells

Spencer Wells


Azuli Peeters by Francois Visser

Francois Visser


Azuli Peeters by Wolejko Wolejszo

Wolejko Wolejszo



Aaron Henry Lynch


4 Aaron-Henry-Lynch by Luke Alois Houba

Luke Alois Houba


Previously working for men’s fashion destination Mr Doveton, East London born Aaron Henry Lynch is now signed with Faith Model Management and is based in Cape Town where he’s growing his own modelling portfolio while also working as a freelance stylist.


2 Aaron-Henry-Lynch by Brett Charles Seiler

Brett Charles Seiler


3 Aaron-Henry-Lynch-CHASSEUR-Kent-Andreasen-02

Kent Andreasen


1 Aaron-Henry-Lynch by Travys Owen

Travys Owen


5 Aaron-Henry-Lynch by Grant Payne

Grant Payne



Manthe Ribane


Manthe Ribane by Steve Marais 1

Steve Marais


A former member of V.I.N.T.A.G.E dance crew, Manthe Ribane is a dancer for Die Antwoord and makes up one third of the performance art/dance collective ‘Dear Ribane‘ together with her siblings Tebogo and Kokona. She’s also the subject of many a photographer’s gaze, featuring in Andile Buka‘s Sartist sports project and most recently, starring in the NOT x Chris Saunders fashion and photography exhibition.


Manthe Ribane by Chris Saunders 1

Chris Saunders


Manthe Ribane by Andile Buka

 Andile Buka


Manthe Ribane



Manthe Ribane by Justin McGee

Justin McGee


Manthe Ribane by Frances van Jaarsveldt

Frances van Jaarsveld



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