Disˈtōpēə | A Future-Looking Shoot By Anthony Bila and Didi Simelane

Anthony Bila


Johannesburg based street style photographer Anthony Bila, widely known as The Expressionist, teamed up with designer Didi Simelane to create disˈtōpēə, an editorial shoot that would not only complement Didi’s clothing line LWNTS but also satisfy his penchant for futurist landscapes that are simultaneously from the present and future. Anthony scouted for a location that would fit then elevate this idea. The result is an interesting album of photographs that are set somewhere between now and the future. Anthony tells us, “I imagined that we are not far off from a dystopian reality with the world in socio-political turmoil at every turn, so this was the basis for the editorial: disˈtōpēə, which by definition is an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically totalitarian or environmentally degraded.” The images spark a sense of curiosity about whether or not we are headed for a dystopic future, and if so if there is any beauty to be found there.


With Didi looking to launch his own online store in the near future, he is working on moving/shifting the paradigm of what African fashion is – his vision being to adapt and alter how African fashion is perceived by Africans themselves as well as by the rest of the world.


For more of Anthony’s work visit The Expressionist




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