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A Sneak Peek Into the Nando’s ‘Rites and Duties’ Exhibition at Constitution Hill


Vertical Aerial , Johannesburg (close up)


Freedom Day is just around the corner and Nando’s is getting into the spirit of things with Rites and Duties, their first-ever exhibition of African art comprised of works curated from their international collection.


A relatively small exhibition, Rites and Duties packs a punch in the impressive interior of The Old Fort at Constitution Hill. It honours a few of the artists who have worked with Nando’s Art over the last ten years, and have stood out as tenacious pioneers who change minds through their artworks. Each body of work has a thread of connection to the complex layers of history of the room within which it is exhibited.


The details:


Rites and Duties is free and open to the general public from April 24 to May 22.

Times: Weekdays 9am-4pm and Weekends 10am -3pm.

Venue: The Old Fort at Constitution Hill – 11 Kotze Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.


Opening night is on Thursday, 23 April and Jozi readers who would like to join in can RSVP to by the end of today. There is a surprise installation that will be at its very best at the launch event…and there will be Nando’s.


Ahead of the exhibition, Nando’s has shared a sneak preview of the works on show:


Point of View in the Slovo Courtyard


1.Vertical Aerial, Johannesburg

Vertical Aerial, Johannesburg, 2013, Gerhard Marx


Based on an aerial view of Johannesburg’s historical city centre where Constitution Hill is, this freestanding sculpture is made of 56 mosaic panels mounted onto a rectangular steel frame with a compound angle. The 35,8m² artwork was produced by seven professional mosaic artists and nine apprentices – watch a video documenting the making of this giant here. All three tons of it was transported from Nando’s Central Kitchen to Constitution Hill for the Rites and Duties exhibition. The sculpture looks like it was made for the Slovo Courtyard at the Old Fort. Luckily it will be there for a while, as Nando’s has loaned the artwork to Constitution Hill for the next five years. Vertical Aerial, Johannesburg looks good from far, but up close it will make your eyeballs twirl.


Daylight and Darkness in the Prisoners Shower Courtyard


2 Liza Grobler_Midnight Hour_shower courtard

Scattered Sun and Midnight Hour, 2015, Liza Grobler
 (Half Square)


The shower courtyard provided a rare opportunity for prisoners in The Old Fort to see the wide-open sky above Johannesburg. Scattered Sun and Midnight Hour remind us how intensely beautiful the colourful fragments of day or night sky must have been to prisoners locked inside these gloomy walls. The incredible colours of these artworks are quite something set against the backdrop of the stained old shower tiles.


Half Square is a ceramic art product born out of collaboration between fine artists and skilled ceramic artisans from Spier Arts Academy Mosaic Studio. Artistic collaboration is integral to Half Square, with designs commissioned from select artists to be translated into ceramic relief artworks by highly trained ceramicists. Liza Grobler is a tenacious artist with a signature aesthetic involving bright colours and diverse media. She’s completed four Half Square installations including a piece in Kloof Street, Cape Town that consisted of over 6 000 Half Square tiles in over 100 custom colours as well as a commission for a Half Square installation at Chicago’s first Nando’s.


Weighing up the loss in the Boiler Room


3.Maurice Mbikayi Weighing up the Loss

Untitled 5, 2014, Maurice Mbikayi


Mbikayi’s current work investigates the impacts of contemporary technology on humanity, especially Africans. His artworks, made of recycled technology like computer cables, symbolize an enslaved body within a virtual world. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mbikayi relocated to Cape Town in 2004. Weighing up the loss reflects his anger, frustration and sadness that freedom is not a privilege he has in his own country.


Rite of Passage in the Passageway to the Atrium


4.Creative Block Passage to Atrium

Collection of Creative Blocks by various African artists


A Creative Block represents one of more than 150 contributing artists from across Southern Africa.
 While each portrays a unique story, subject matter
 and technical style, the impact of the Creative Block is really felt when these individual artworks are juxtaposed to become a larger, collective work of art. Together, they form a striking collection of contrasts. This multiplicity of artistic experiences, uniform only in the physical size of the artworks, offers a rich and extensive representation of African art and identity, which, like the project, is colourful, contrasting and ever evolving.


Let there be light in the Atrium


5.Qubeka beaded panels in the Atrium

Various artworks translated by Qubeka with seed beads on board


A quick glance at Qubeka’s artworks is pleasing. Bright colours, bold pictures, local scenes. Upon closer inspection you’ll see that these artworks are made with tiny sparkly seed beads on board. Qubeka partners with Yellowwoods Art on a continued theme of collaboration with artists. Working closely with artists to translate their original brushstrokes into panels of thousands of beads is an incredible process that relies on a synergistic working relationship between the artists and Qubeka.



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Snap a group selfie at the Rites and Duties exhibition between 24 April and 22 May 2015 and stand a chance to win ‘Nando’s PERi-PERi hottest peeps of the week’.


There will be two winning photos each week, one chosen for having the most likes on Instagram and another by a stylish judge appointed by Nando’s. The two weekly winners will recieve a Creative Block worth R1200 and a Nando’s meal voucher worth R200.


How to enter:


Post a photo on Instagram of you and your friends looking PERi-PERI hot at Rites and Duties (hint: art in the background wins you extra points)

  • Include your location at Constitution Hill.
  • Include the hashtag #NandosART.
  • Tag @10and5 on Instagram.
  • The winning weekly crowd-vote photo will be the pic with the most loves on Instagram.
  • And, since you’re looking hot, share the love with Nando’s on Facebook and Twitter.


Good luck!


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