Sanele Xaba and Dear Ribane Discuss Inner Confidence



For 2015, Japanese sports lifestyle brand Onitsuka Tiger has revealed new global brand messaging, “A Product of Inner Confidence”, which takes inspiration from the brand’s founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka. Back in 1949, Mr Onitsuka was passionate about improving the lives and self-esteem of a generation of post-war youths in Japan. Today’s brand platform promotes the idea that it’s more than enough to just be you.


We’re exploring this message in a 2-part editorial series where we’re pairing up South African creatives, and ‘products of confidence’ themselves, who literally put themselves into their work whether it’s through dance, performance art, taking to the ramp, or through self portrait art. We’ve invited them to ask each other questions covering vulnerability, overcoming challenges, and inner confidence and to record their answers over webcam in one-on-one video messages to each other.


In this video we meet Sanele Xaba, a South African model on the rise who besides walking the runways for numerous fashion weeks and starring in lookbooks, campaign images and editorials, is passionate about educating people about albinism.


Sanele chats to the Ribane siblings, Manthe, Tebogo and Kokona, who together form production team and performance art/dance collective ‘Dear Ribane‘. The eldest, Manthe, is a dancer for Die Antwoord, was previously a member of dance crew V.I.N.T.A.G.E, and most recently starred in fashion and photography exhibition NOT x Chris Saunders. As a trio, the siblings have become known for their inventive style which has naturally become the subject of local photo series.


Over a string of webcam-recorded video messages Sanele, Manthe, Tebogo and Kokona ask each other insightful questions and answer candidly and sincerely.


What does Inner Confidence mean to you?
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Dear Ribane

Dear Ribane – Tebogo, Kokona, Manthe


Sanele Xaba

Sanele Xaba



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