Spine | A Collection of Timeless and Sculptural Furniture by Tatiana Etienne

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Gifted designer Tatiana Etienne has launched a limited edition collection of timeless and sculptural furniture inspired by the spine. Fascinated by this mysterious and hidden axis – its importance and significations in different cultures – Tatiana found inspiration in the pride and elegance of postures in Sierra Leone, then the rest of Africa and its people. She shadowed and expressed those feelings through her beautiful designs.


To showcase the project Tatiana collaborated with visual artist Mambu Bayoh to mirror the aesthetic and sensory experience of her pieces, which were proudly produced in South Africa.


Growing up surrounded by vibrant colours and painting from her mother’s art gallery in Haiti, Tatiana decided very early on to pursue an artistic career and did so by moving to Paris to study product design. She then travelled and worked in different areas of the design industry in Beirut and Montreal before returning to Paris, where she worked under world-renowned Parisian interior designer Christian Liaigre for many years. She has since made a name for herself with her signature designs, often characterised by simplicity of her lines, the purity of her shapes, stylish finishings, subtle colours and the functionality inherent in each of her pieces which showcase a reflection of culture and craft.


Tatiana credits the experience she gained while working with Christian as having helped her define her artistic identity; it gave her a broader knowledge of the industry and a foundation on which to start her own line with a clear vision coupled with a distinct direction. “Christian Liaigre remains for me, one of the most talented designers of our time. Working with him taught me the meaning of simplicity, elegance and to pay the outmost attention to detail,” she says about her mentor.


Her creative process doesn’t have a formula but rather, follows the initial spark of inspiration. A process where she catches herself taking notes, sketching or photographing little details in life and nature that strike her, allowing herself be guided by intuition until a shape starts to crystallize into something beautiful. Moving forward, Tatiana’s mission is to create furniture that is a constant source of support and encouragement for a better self, challenging herself to produce pieces that will inscribe themselves in any space and setting.




SPINE collection Tatiana

SPINE collection Tatiana

SPINE collection Tatiana




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