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Every Minute Counts | A String of Impossibly Efficient Events in Two New Ads for Bidvest


It’s not every day that the tag-line for a campaign actually becomes the mantra under which the ads themselves are made. As Darling‘s Jono Hall can attest to, Bidvest Car Rentals mean it when they say “Every Minute Counts”, because the timeframe they were working with gave him neither a second to spare nor a moment to waste. Especially while he was being “enthusiastically clawed to pieces by 37 very energetic cats” in an audition.


Despite the tight schedule, Jono crafted two silky-smooth commercials for Bidvest’s newest division using a string of impossible (and impossibly efficient) events to show that time truly is of the essence. And before you ask, Darling are taking orders for onesie suits…just as soon as they figure out how the sewing machine works.




‘Suitsy’ and ‘Make Up’ shot by Darling Films for Bidvest.
Directed by Jono Hall
Agency: OFYT
Creatives: Greg Burke and Kush Chetty
Producer: Alexis Robert



Bidvest Jono Hall

Bidvest Jono Hall 2


Between 10 and 5