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1991 | A Book Chronicling 3 Years of Photographs by Kent Andreasen

Kent Andreasen - 1991


Considering the frequency at which he shoots and his rapid photographic output, it’s a wonder Kent Andreasen has only just published his first photo book – a limited edition, 96-pager titled 1991 (after his birth year) comprised of images shot between 2012 and 2014.


When we caught up with Kent for a peek inside and to quiz him about the book we learned that quite simply, 1991 is about his development so far. It marks a “purging” of his older style and it signifies a move towards a new direction. That’s not so say he won’t continue to capture his daily observations as he’s always done, but it does indicate a conscious desire to begin focusing on more long-term projects going forward. “Compiling the book has been a great learning process,” says Kent. “It’s allowed me to step back and see how far I’ve come and also, discover where I’d like to go.”


As for the themes in 1991, one of Kent’s main objectives was to shed light on just how accessible subject matter is and that interesting photographs can be found all over. But then, the obscure and ambiguous nature of his work offers a contradiction once you learn that many of the images in the book were shot in Mozambique, Malawi and other parts of Africa that Kent has travelled to. While it’s not an account of Africa as such, it does offer a broad view of the continent and despite finding himself in places like Lake Malawi – one of the most surreal and exotic places he’s ever been – his images deliberately move away from that. Kent narrows his scope to collect very specific bits and pieces of the existing world in pictures – pictures that seem as though they could have been taken anywhere, that exist in a place that’s neither here nor there.


Also noteworthy is the fact that each of the selected images are significant to Kent not purely from an aesthetical perspective, but because of who he was with or what he was doing at the time. “For me, taking photographs is about the feeling you get leading up to an image,” he says. “The actual image is kind of just a by-product of an experience.”


Kent worked with Michael Tymbios on the ultra-minimal cover and layout design of 1991 and each edition will contain a postcard sized version of the first recorded image he’s ever taken. He plans to sell all of the available copies before embarking on an overseas trip from May 20th – a “voyage of exploration” to feel out the industries in Europe and the US and work on personal projects along the way.





The specs: 96 Pages, 15 x 24 cm, Colour Offset, Edition of 100, 2015.

The books cost R370 each, exluding shipping. Email kent.andreasen@gmail.com for more details or to place an order.


See a selection of images from 1991 below.


Kent Andreasen - 1991 Book (6)

Kent Andreasen - 1991 Book (1)

Kent Andreasen - 1991 Book (5)

Kent Andreasen - 1991 Book (9)

Kent Andreasen - 1991 Book (8)

Kent Andreasen - 1991 Book (7)

Kent Andreasen - 1991 Book (4)



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