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The Pegasus Project

The Pegasus Project | A Great Dane Puppy Grows Before Our Eyes


Pegasus is a giant, white, wonderful Great Dane who spends her days charming everybody she meets, and occasionally going kayaking with her owner, filmmaker Dave Meinert. Becoming somewhat known for shooting with dogs, previously Dave has had to recruit pets of friends for the starring roles: Lemon shot a music video for Johnny Neon via a GoPro strapped to a harness, and who could forget Knoffel ‘the Saddest Dog in the World’?


Pegasus was a sick four-week old puppy when she was rescued from a backyard breeder. Dave was told that she wouldn’t live long, so he decided to document every day she still had…which turned out to be much more than he’d anticipated. With the help of animal behaviourist Kieron Piper, Pegasus learnt to run on a treadmill for a short time each day. Dave set up a camera in front of the machine to capture Pegasus’ progress. The clips became a timelapse shot over 5 months that shows Pegasus growing bigger and stronger.


The video was released yesterday with an interview with Dave on FastCo.


While Dave still runs production company MacDuff for personal projects like these, he has recently joined executive producer Darren Gordon and director Alan Irvin at They for local commercials.




Director: Dave Meinert
Production: MacDuff
Post House: Left Post Production
Offline: Nic Goodwin Online: Michael Naidoo
Music: Jeremy de Tolly
Animal Trainer: Kieron Piper
Camera and lighting set up: Wayne de Lange, Vicci Turpin
Grip construction: Doug Bower


The Pegasus Project The Pegasus ProjectThe Pegasus ProjectThe Pegasus Project


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