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A Makeshift Green Screen and Bizarre Stock Images in the Music Video for DOODVENOOTSKAP’s ‘Protein Shake’


It was just another day in Steenberg, Lavender Hill when a Cape Town hip-hop collective danced in front of a makeshift green screen in someone’s backyard. Filmmaker Jenna Bass was there to catch it all on camera, directing the action alongside animator Sebastian Borckenhagen who then edited in a continuous string of bizarro stock photos behind the crew. All of this, and now we have DOODVENOOTSKAP’s new music video for ‘Protein Shake’ – a wild, hilarious extravaganza that makes more sense the less you try to understand it.


Set to a DJ Khoi-San/Onderkoffer remix, ‘Protein Shake’ features key DVS MCs Hoppie, Slang, Fabio, Doupie, Brinz and Ern. While it was never intended for wider consumption, MC Slang told Noisey that “The song is actually about nursery rhymes. At the beginning he says ‘Ek skommel protein shake.’ Now for us skommel is slang for masturbate, right, and the proper Afrikaans word for skommel is shaking. So we used to have these things at school, melkskommel, it was always a class joke so that’s how some of the lyrics in there. There’s nursery rhymes that people can relate to in our area like cultural games.”


Since the movement started out in Ocean View in 2009, DVS has provided a platform for emerging artists without access to the music industry to collaborate and record their own tracks. ‘Protein Shake’ is the group’s follow up to their 2014 ‘Oemtjokitie‘ also directed by Jenna, with whom DVS are currently shooting a four-part “hip-hopera” series with a dialogue entirely in Kaapse slang.


Stream DOODVENOOTSKAP’s tracks on Bandcamp.


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