Tafel Lager “Moments” TVC Celebrates Namibia



Director Leigh Ogilvie captures genuine moments in this new Tafel Lager commercial which serves as a vibrant celebration of Namibia. Sister agency of The Jupiter Drawing Room (CPT), Weathermen & Co was briefed to develop a brand ad for the beer that would tap into what it means to be Namibian; to portray the essence of moments that all Namibians can relate to in different ways. To do this, they recreated a series of events – both nationally significant, and personal – set since Namibia’s independence from colonial rule in 1990 to the present day. The result is a jubilant look at a Namibia you might not have seen before – suitably set to Gnarls Barkley’s “Going On”.




Agency: Weathermen & CO
Managing Director: Leon Crous
Creative Director: Leon Van Rooyen
Copywriter: Leon Van Rooyen

Production Company: Lemon Reel Film Services
Director: Leigh Ogilvie from Velocity Films
Producer: Bernd Curschmann
Director of Photography: Jamie D Ramsay
Production Art Director: Max Van Der Merwe

Editor & Company: Shaun Broude – Upstairs Post Production
Music Company/Composer/Sound: Music – Gnarls Barkley – Going On
Sound & Final Mix: Audio Art – Wojtek Majewski
Post Production Online: Upstairs Post Production – Charmaine Greyling
Post Production Offline: Upstairs Post Production – Shaun Broude


Tafel Lager Tafel Lager


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  1. Wow. Don’t mean to be a hater BUT that is almost a shot-for-shot rip off of the magnificent Puma “Journey of Football” commercial from 2010. Soundtrack and all. Could you not at least have picked another track?!