#NowPlaying: ‘Salute The Syrinx’ by Simon Kohler

#NowPlaying - Simon Kohler


Simon Kohler is a film composer and sound designer who released his debut album as Sylvan Aztok last year; otherworldly electronica woven together using a vast collection of self-recorded clips. Among other music-related endeavours he is the sonic member of film and art making collective Fly on the Wall, and also forms part of the Cape Town outfit CAVES who are soon releasing a full-length album of their own. In the meantime Simon is generously filling our ears with all kinds of fantastic sounds thanks to his #NowPlaying compilation ‘Salute The Syrinx’. In the written equivalent of his layered music, he describes the playlist as follows:


A groove filled, river flow. A wishing well, sundial. Coin cast. Hear, fruit from the universal voice box. Step good, don’t trip on your own feet – but if you do, find purple to colour things in with. In joy this dreamrunnthyme.


Listen below, and for more from Simon check out www.simonkohler.com





  1. Jürgen Müller – Sea Bed Meditation
  2. CAVES – Mad’Gas/Car
  3. Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – A Sender
  4. Four Tet – Chia
  5. Zeneka – Laidlaw Zkate
  6. Christian Fennesz – Before I Leave
  7. Panda Bear – Boys Latin
  8. Emanative & Four Tet – Makondi
  9. TOPS – Way to be Loved
  10. Luke Abbott – Brazil
  11. Daphni – Ye Ye (from William Onyeabor’s – When the Going is Smooth & Good)
  12. Floating Points – Nuits Sonores
  13. SunWalker – Snow in the Basin
  14. Big Blood – Moon Perfume


Cover image by Leif Podhajsky.



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