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Savanna Reveals Its New Look with a Song and Dance, Kind Of



Unashamedly inspired by West Side Story, Savanna’s new commercial launches its new look bottle with a bizarre, choreographed guy-gang dance battle in a bar. The ad was made by FCB Cape Town who featured a cast of star comedians from previous commercials: Kagiso Lediga from the Savanna Dark ad, Rob van Vuuren from the Angry Lemon ad, and the same dry Savanna spokesperson, David Fynn.


The agency said, “After 14 years of being in the same bottle, it was time for an update. But in typically dry Savanna style, we didn’t see the need to make a whole song and dance about it. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts. And thankfully the Savanna inside still tastes exactly the same. Rob and his crew are convinced that the new bottle is ‘Cooler’. Kagiso and his crew are convinced that the new bottle is ‘Bolder’. David sets them straight by reminding them that, actually, it’s still the same crisp cider they know and love.”




Executive Creative Director: Mike Barnwell
Creative Director: Aaron Harris
Copywriter: Chris de Villiers
Art Director: Brendon Barnard
Agency Producer: Sarah Southey
Director: Bruno Bossi (Carbon Films)
Producer: Kirsten Clarence (Carbon Films)
Editor: Ricky Boyd (Deliverence Post Production)
Music: Rob Schroder (Robroy Music)
Sound: Arnold Vermaak (We Love Jam)


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