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Eduan Groenewald’s Photographic Puzzles

Eduan Groenewald  (1)


Eduan Groenewald’s photographs are so layered and perplexing that you’d think he pieces them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Somehow, within the frames he captures, nothing feels quite real.


His love affair with photography started in 1994. “I was only a kid,” he says. “I remember always getting into trouble for stealing my parents’ camera, climbing on my bike and using up all the film.” Eduan went on to study photography after school and has been working as a commercial photographer since 2011. The nature of this field has him shooting in a very controlled environment, but he makes a sharp departure from this in his personal work. On the weekends his approach becomes much more spontaneous while exploring new areas in or around the city of Cape Town. During these times, Eduan shoots primarily with a Fujifilm XA1 or a Canon G1X, and he has recently added a rangefinder Olympus XA to his collection.


Speaking of the immense beauty and extreme hardship and corruption that exist side by side in South Africa, he aims to capture these paradoxes through his lens. “There’s a great deal of diversity in South Africa, and I can travel between these worlds,” he says. Eduan has just returned from a long break in Europe which has opened his eyes up to new photographic ideas and series that he wants to tackle now that he’s back in the country.


Eduan Groenewald  (2)

Eduan Groenewald  (3)


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