The #FabulousDressProject Makes Stains Beautiful

2015-05-01 Skip Fab Makeup BTS-189


The brainchild of The Jupiter Drawing Room copywriter Melissa Fontini, the #FabulousDressProject set out to prove Skip’s claim of keeping whites white, wash after wash, in a clever social media-driven interactive campaign with two fashionable Cape Town locals. The idea took the standard washing detergent stain test trope and transformed it into a fabulous fashion campaign that plays on the notion of ‘one off’ design.


Fashion designer Celeste Arendse of Selfi was tasked with creating a custom snow white dress to be used as the canvas for the campaign. She then applied rounds of beautiful stain patterns in different household ingredients in her signature style. Her first design was a geometric pattern in coffee, which was modelled and worn by fashion and lifestyle blogger, Aisha Baker of Bake The Blog. Aisha presented the project to her fans and followers on social media, getting the #FabulousDressProject hashtag buzzing. Once this first one-off dress had been shot, the dressed was washed and all traces of the subtle mocha print vanished, ready for the next one-off creation. Design two saw Celeste mixing up beetroot, mustard and ketchup to paint a dotty affair up the hemline of the dress. Wear, wash, repeat. The final design was a bold graphic print done in eyeshadow and set using hairspray.


The public were then invited to create their own fabulous stain designs with these ingredients at an event held during First Thursdays. You can watch the metamorphosis of this once off – and once off again and again – dress by following the #FabulousDressProject hashtag.



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