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Hey Durban, Zakifo Muzik Fest Is Coming For You!



Zakifo is a new music festival on route to Durban, bringing with it a whole line-up of reasons for Durbanites to get very excited, and for the rest of us consider heading east. Although new to our shores the festival is an off shoot of the long-established Sakifo, Reunion island’s premier live music festival which began in 2004 in Saint-Leu: a surf town with a population of 27 000. The first event sold 18 000 tickets. Founder, Jerome Galabert’s vision for the festival is an eclectic one, providing a platform for a myriad of genres: from reggae to pop to jazz to hip hop.


Of the new location, Jerome told Mahala, “For me, it’s a bit like home. Durban has a warm tropical climate, sugar cane fields, it’s a surf city. It’s also the main harbour on the Indian Ocean – a gateway of sorts. But most importantly, there is a need for an event here that federates all the forces – the people, the qualities of Durban. What a festival does – it provides a lot of work. People with good ideas and skills come together. There is potential here. But Durban has a complex about being overshadowed by the other cities, which is similar to the way people of Saint-Pierre (Safiko’s current venue) feel. Zakifo will help put Durban on the map!”


The Indian Ocean-inspired branding for the festival was created by up-and-coming designer, and Durban local, Brad Purchase, who told us more about his idea behind the imagery:


The organisers gave me quite a lot of freedom with the poster design. I was shown some of the previous posters for Sakifo events along with work by a graffiti artist, Jace, from Reunion Island as inspiration.


The final concept was to have these three characters jamming together to show what Zakifo festival represents. The design is split up into three posters for each night of the festival: the ‘bird’ is speakeasy French/Jazz on Thursday; the ‘fish’ represents the world music/travel vibe for the Friday and the ‘starfish’ is for the more DJ/dance youth vibe on Saturday.  All together they show the diversity of Zakifo festival in a festive and tropical approach.



Don’t miss Mahala’s competition – If you buy Zakifo tickets between now and Tuesday 02 June 2015 you stand a chance to win a trip for two to the Sakifo Musik Festival in Reunion island – powered by Air Austral.


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The line-up:


Zafikobirdstarfish fish


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