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Catherine Esca: Porky Hefer

New Works from Southern Guild at Design Miami/ Basel 2015

Catherine Esca: Porky Hefer Catherine Esca + Porky Hefer


Southern Guild, the South African platform known for collectable, limited edition contemporary design, returns to Design Miami/ in Basel, Switzerland for a third consecutive year from 16-21 June 2015. Alongside top local designers the likes of Porky Hefer and Dokter and Misses, Southern Guild is bringing with it works from the broader African continent. Their Design Miami/ Basel exhibition will feature works by Hamed Ouattara (Burkina Faso), Cheick Diallo (Mali) and Babacar Niang (Senegal). New individual works along with cross-continent collaborations are to be exhibited this year.


At its core African design is artisanal and handmade, bringing designers to work in an exploratory way with deep cultural relevance. Through encouraging collaboration and discourse, Southern Guild aims to provoke the local design industry, and inspire quality and originality. Southern Guild at Design Miami/ Basel 2015 aims to convey the resourceful nature of South African design that is layered with storytelling, historical and cultural references and political allusions with a touch of primal and earth-bound essence. The gallery showcases the most important contemporary designs from South Africa at the best fairs around the world. Gallery co-founder Trevyn McGowan says, “The work we’re bringing to Design Miami/ Basel offers a powerful, primal narrative. It’s a raw exploration of what sets us apart as a country, through our unique cultures with distinct historical references.”



Atang Tshikare + Art in the Forest - Ngwana Ngwane: Atang Tshikare + Art in the Forest

Babacar-Niang_Bedjenak-Fauteuil_1Bedjenak Chaise: Babacar Niang Bedjenak Chaise: Babacar Niang

Dibi Chair: Cheick  Diallo Dibi Chair: Cheick  Diallo

Linen Fold Black: Koop Linen Fold Black: Koop

Jop-Kunneke_Bushmeat-Bust_2Bushmeat Bust: Jop Kunneke

Haywire Copper Imbuia: David Krynauw

Haywire Copper Imbuia: David Krynauw Haywire Copper Imbuia: David Krynauw

Right on the Head: Friday Jibu + Bronze Age Right on the Head: Friday Jibu + Bronze Age

The Road to Eleusis with Demeter and PersephoneThe Road to Eleusis with Demeter and Persephone: Daniella Mooney

Blue Label: Wayne Barker + Paco Blue Label: Wayne Barker + Paco

Vessel I, Sculptural Form and Vessel II: Ian Garrett Vessel I, Sculptural Form and Vessel II: Ian Garrett

Brick Juice: Dokter and MissesBrick Juice: Dokter and Misses

LALA Surma IV: Dokter and Misses

Seemo: Peter Mabeo + Porky Hefer

Seemo: Peter Mabeo + Porky Hefer


Paphiopedilum Armeniacum and Untitled: Astrid Dahl

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