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#NowPlaying: Young x Durban by Bob Perfect

Young SA x Durban by Bob Perfect


In the first of a series of Young South Africa playlists, Durban Is Yours editor Bob Perfect is filling our ears with some of the exciting (and surprisngly un-sunny) new sounds spilling out of Durban. Here’s what he had to say:


“Durban is on drugs. Okay, there, I said it. That’s the only explanation to the sounds coming out of this place at the moment. The kids are spitting fire and producing beats and riffs that severely damage you. Your brain will feel like an egg in a frying pan. Hear for yourself in this is a mostly electronic mix of hip-hop, qgom, trap and the variations of the three that are being toyed with at the moment, some drum & bass, a reworking of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right Here Right Now’ and a Black Math track because it’s fucking Black Math. The production on some tracks is a bit, um, “garage”, but that’s Durban for you. There are also a selection of club and radio hits, which is also Durban for you. Oh, and there’s also a track about Durban made by Durbanites in Joburg, which is probably the most Durban thing of all. Enjoy, see you in December.”



Cover photo by Russell Grant.




  1. Celestial Mic – No Games
  2. Dunn Phantom – Like A Champion
  3. AK_9eleven – Zero Gravity
  4. Raheem Kemet – The Fire
  5. Clara-T – 40 Barrz
  6. wavygenesis – CONNECT
  7. Stizz Taylor – SiDope (feat. Breeze, MX & P Dogg Amazing)
  8. Witness The Funk – WTF NOMUSA
  9. Sketchy Bongo – Kumnandila (feat. Aewon Wolf & Okmalumkoolkat)
  10. The K-Bomb – Orgazmotron
  11. BIG FKN GUN – Goldteeth & Carvelas (feat. USanele & Okmalumkoolkat)
  12. Menchess – Mitsubishi Song
  13. palmdrive – Can’t Wait To Be King
  14. Icarus & Rain – How Do I Tell You (feat. Tasha Baxter)
  15. Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now (Veranda Panda Re – Volution)
  16. Black Math – Light Trails



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