Oh Wow! – Infrared Portraits, Painted Limbs and New Gestures.

Happy Friday everyone! This week in our compilation of gatherings from the internet we have two new EPs, an ongoing series of portraits shot on infrared film, a quick look at an upcoming exhibition and a music video full of brightly painted limbs.


ONEOriginal Swimming Party have released a beautiful new 3 track EP, wavs. To make things interesting the band decided not to use anything computer-based for sound creation, so all of what you hear was recorded live or improvised using analogue methods.



TWO – Musicians in Berlin photographed with infrared film for Romy Maxime‘s ongoing ‘Lucid Dreaming’ series.


Romy Maxime (1)

Romy Maxime (3)

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THREE – ‘Truths & Affirmations’ by Pola Maneli. See some process images and read more about the illustration here.


Truths & Affirmations by Pola Maneli


FOUR – Local songstress Nonku Phiri and Swiss beatmaker Maloon TheBoom made their debut as Malonku with a new single, ‘The Answer’.



FIVE – Zana have a brand new range of furniture and floor cushions. See more here.



Zana - furniture range


SIXQuit Safari are back with their second music podcast ‘Bagels With Ish’.



SEVEN – A group of AAA students created a colourful and limb-full music video for the Beatles classic ‘Come Together’. Via Design Indaba.


EIGHT – Two artworks from Nico Krijno‘s exhibition New Gestures: Fabricated to be Photographed opening on Thursday 11 June at Whatiftheworld gallery.





Sculpture Study, Bust with Headpiece_Print Res

Sculpture Study, Bust with Headpiece


NINE – After teasing us with a super funny promo video last week Andrew Esterhuizen (who goes by the name of Andy Islands as a solo artist) has released his second EP with naas, Andy Islands 3.




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