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The Lonely Road Foundation’s Hard-Hitting ‘No Escape’ Takes Over The Radio



The Lonely Road Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation that lends a helping hand to impoverished South African communities by managing the health and wellbeing of orphaned and vulnerable children. With the help of radio, it recently highlighted the issue of child abandonment with a compelling 90-second sound clip just before the start of Child Protection Week.


Crucial to its success was the choice of channel and time. The NPO’s agency, FCB Johannesburg, strategically and intentionally scheduled the ad to air simultaneously on major radio stations across the country so that if listeners opted to switch to another station, they would still hear the hard-hitting facts about child abandonment.


An estimated 10 babies are abandoned in South Africa every single day, and over 3500 a year. The Lonely Road Foundation’s Michelle Walford says, “We have become so desensitized that the situation no longer moves us to act while women are so desperate that they feel they need to abandon their own offspring! This is the reality we live in and we can’t run away from it. As the ad states, “It’s time for us to stop changing stations and start changing lives.”


Focusing on this, an SMS line was specifically created for this campaign by FCB Johannesburg, urging listeners to donate to the foundation. The funds raised will go towards the critical care of abandoned babies. The SMS line works in alliance with various other donation mechanisms currently used by the Lonely Road Foundation. FCB Executive Creative Director, Jonathan Deeb says, “This is an extremely worthy cause that deserves awareness and recognition.”




Client: Lonely Road Foundation
Creative agency: FCB Joburg
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Deeb
Creative Director: Erin Brooks
Art Director: Kyra Antrobus
Copywriter: Jessica Everson
Media Planner: Thulani Nombewu


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