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Mo'ko Elosa

Julia M’Poko Introduces Her Label ‘Mo’ko Elosa’ With Tailored Debut Collection ‘MISOGI’

Mo'ko Elosa


Rising fashion design star Julia M’Poko has launched her own label, Mo’ko Elosa, with a crisp new Autumn Winter collection. Catering to both men and women, Mo’ko Elosa identifies with Japanese design and aesthetics, resulting in flattering, thoughtful cuts and refined tailoring. The brand will incorporate elements of the Cape Town based designer’s own personality and style.


Inspired by the Japanese Shinto practise of ritual purification and cleansing of the human mind, body, and soul, the debut womenswear collection, MISOGI, represents a new beginning. For Julia, the bravery and determination needed in order for one to take part in the ritual is befitting of the Mo’ko Elosa woman.


Intentionally departing from typical deep wintry hues, MISOGI opts for a neutral colour palette consisting of black, white, grey, and cream. Emphasis is placed on textured fabrics combined with the structured shapes of the garments, resulting in the creation of modern silhouettes.


Subtle in approach and enduring in style, the collection speaks of the broader brand philosophy, ‘articulated, not implied.’


The campaign images were shot by Katja Marr.


Mo'ko ElosaMo'ko ElosaJulia M'PokoMo'ko ElosaJulia M'PokoMo'ko ElosaMo'ko ElosaJulia M'Poko



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