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#NowPlaying: Young x Cape Town by Tecla Ciolfi

YSA x Cape Town


Now that we’ve listened to Bob Perfect’s Young x Durban and Thozi Sejanamane’s Young x Joburg, it’s Cape Town’s turn for a slot in our Young South Africa #NowPlaying series. To that end we’ve asked Tecla Ciolfi – the editor of local music site Texx and the City and Deezer SA manager – to guest-curate a collection of new sounds from the Mother City. Here’s what she said about her dynamic 10 track compliation:


“Like the last few bodies at The Shack on a Sunday morning, Cape Town’s a little bit desperate at the moment. Desperate to find the next big thing. The next Beatenberg, the next Matty Mole. The next Zula Bar, the next Purple Turtle.


It’s all a bit depressing really.


Because with this entire obsession over the next wave of musical celebrity and where we’re going to find it, we’ve been neglecting the independent goodness that’s right in front of our noses.


And it’s the sexiest, moodiest and most encouraging new wave of talent I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing over the past few months. Indie shoegazers, Sakawa Boys, stand at the forefront of the wave with the recent release of EP “V” but they’re flanked by everything from surf psych rockers to electronic sorcery to cutesy indie you’ll probably make out to.


Deep breath. Big sip. Long drag. Press play.”



Cover illustration by Olivié Keck.




  1. Sakawa Boys – Sakawa
  2. Umlilo – Slima Mina
  3. Andy Islands – Crashy
  4. Retro Dizzy – My Baby Got Electrocuted
  5. Cute Couple – Some Nothing
  6. Alice Phoebe Lou – Society (live at the Gruner Salon)
  7. Heroine – Kind of Woman
  8. Birthday Girl – Swimsuits
  9. Julia Robert – I Read
  10. Kings Down South – Intro



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