A Neighbourly Campaign for Property Developers Blok by NorthLTD



Representing an entirely modern approach to urban living and connectivity, urban apartment developers Blok‘s selling point is more than just apartments; they’re marketing a curated lifestyle to prospective buyers. Thanks to their Cape Town based agency NorthLTD, they have a refreshing corporate identity and ad campaign to match this philosophy. Specialising in brand identity, advertising, editorial and spatial design, NorthLTD came up with a way to speak about buying property in a way that’s a little more exciting than what we’ve come to expect from traditional property advertising.


Instead of using an over-groomed estate agent’s face in the imagery or simply focussing on what the properties offer, their campaign shows off the lifestyle that comes with living in these homes and neighbourhoods. Extending the campaign to print, outdoor, online, film, editorial and even a 3D virtual tour of each apartment, NorthLTD have also swopped simple property catalogues for a printed lifestyle magazine which features the neighbourhoods in which Blok properties are built. Amongst information about the apartments and interviews with the architects, these magazines act as a guide to local shops and restaurants – the places and people who make these neighbourhoods interesting. They’re also releasing beautifully shot short videos which show what it would be like to live here.


So far Blok have nearly sold out all five of their developments, and they have a few more in the pipeline.
























  1. again you fail to properly credit. its astounding.
    prod co?

    the people that give you site its worth are not given due.. credit. geddit?

  2. unlike all my past comments on your lack of credits.. this one seemed to slip past your moderators. hello world

  3. Alix-Rose Cowie

    Hi Treezy

    We receive credits – or not – from the people who do the work and send it to us. We always request credits but do not always receive them. Some agencies like to be credited as one entity. You can take this up with them.


  4. I dont agree. If it features on your site you must credit.


    It cant be so tough to research this? Assign this role to a researcher?

    Or perhaps it should be a submission protocol?

    The work forms part of the sites commercial collateral – and crediting your benefactors should be mandatory.

    I really don’t have the time to research credits as mentioned and i feel this touches the essence of my complaint. this surely… is your job?

  5. But you do have time to write entirely useless comments and tell other what their jobs are?

  6. ^ easy now teachers pet. feedback is aimed at the sites benefactors. not trolls.

    its not being mean silly. its called constructive criticism.

  7. Treezy sweetie. North Ltd is the creative force behind this. They’ve been credited. I do not understand what you are on about. Are you bored?

  8. ^ your comment belies your ignorance. and your agenda. populist much?

  9. this is not a redundant comment. well curated sites locally and internationally go to great lengths to credit the work featured. as again – the work forms part of their collateral. it would be way more insightful to know who directed this piece, who scored the sfx, styled and art directed. and this would add value to the site.

    im not trying to be mean. im not trying to be a troll.

    im giving feedback, that the proprietors can take or leave. but i have a point, there is no denying that.

    populist trolls who wand to score points with the creative public should post their names to, at the very least, achieve their shalow agenda’s. but in the case of wj and james, well you cant cause you are the same person.

    10and5 – really your comment is actually just lazy really.

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