Ray-Ban #Campaign4Change | 5 Local Creatives on Making Change


Ray-Ban’s latest international campaign called #Campaign4Change encourages people around the world to be the change they want to see. For the local spin-off, Ray-Ban has invited a few South Africans as brand ambassadors. Singer and songwriter Nonku Phiri, rapper Reason, fashion student Didi, musician, aspiring-producer and curator Jake Lipman, and fashion editor Roxanne Robinson shared their #Campaign4Change aspirations in a series of inspiring and personal videos which were launched at Great Dane in Joburg last week, inviting fellow South Africans to get on the bandwagon.


Nonku Phiri


In her #Campaign4Change video titled ‘Do What Scares You’, Nonku Phiri speaks about her fear of heights and shows how she conquered it by jumping off a cliff into a waterfall, thereby motivating others to face their fears as well.





Reason is a remarkably talented rapper who was nominated for a SAMA for Best Rap Album this year. Drawing from the struggles he faced when he was starting out in the industry, his #Campaign4Change video titled ‘Celebrate Every Victory’ encourages people to keep pushing and serves as a reminder to celebrate small, everyday triumphs.





Fashion student Didi surrounds himself with local musicians and creatives who inspire him to constantly challenge his own ability. Through his #Campaign4Change video titled ‘Express Yourself’ Didi encourages fellow South Africans, creatives or not, to believe in themselves and to stay commited to their dreams.



Jake Lipman


Dj, drummer, aspiring-producer, curator, connector and taste-maker Jake Lipman wears many hats. His love and passion for techno and house music gave birth to the hugely popular Cape Town Electronic Music Festival which is now in its fourth year. ‘Speak the Truth’ is Jake’s #Campaign4Change video, which encourages fellow South Africans to disregard other people’s perceptions of them and to stay true to who they are.



Roxanne Robinson


Small town girl Roxanne Robinson is a living example of hard work and success. She arrived in the city with big dreams and today she is an influential fashion media aficionado and the editor of Sunday Times Fashion Weekly. Roxanne’s #Campaign4Change video titled ‘Celebrate the Small Victories’ speaks of her first days as an intern in an unknown city but in an industry she was and still is passionate about. She inspires us to celebrate the small victories gained during our (often long) journeys to our desired destination.


Visit ray-ban.com to find out more and to get involved.


Campaign credits:


Agency: The Bread
Production: We-are-awesome Film


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