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The Mascot

The Jameson First Shot 2015 Winning Films


Mark Middlewick (South Africa) | The Mascot




Mark Middlewick is a South African part-time writer and director, who fuels his passion for film by freelancing as a researcher and copywriter. His film “The Mascot” tells the story of a seemingly mundane, normal man, who has an alter ego as an exuberant mascot for a basketball team.


The Mascot


Stephen Tempier (Canada) | Boredom




Stephan Tempier is a French born, Canadian film lover who epitomises the spirit of Jameson First Shot. With little training or experience in the film industry, Stephan’s entry “Boredom” was his first entry into any filmmaking competition. His First Shot tells the story of a man who sees things through a kid’s eyes, seeing interesting things in everyday life that other people wouldn’t even notice.




Travis Calvert (USA) | The Library Book




Travis Calvert is an aspiring filmmaker from Reno, Nevada in the US. He believes that the ability to see things from different perspectives is key to being a good storyteller. Travis’s script “The Library Book” is the story of an encounter between a librarian and a man with an overdue book, that has an unexpected outcome.


The Library Book


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