Oh Wow! – The Music Edition, Vol. 1

Oh Wow! - Music


Today we’re swaying a bit from the usual format of Oh Wow! (a wonderful visual/audio mash-up of the things you guys make and share on the internet) because of the sheer amount of new songs we’ve discovered in the past week. Rather than whittling it down to a select few, we wound up compiling our first music-only edition of weekly wows as a playlist.


The first of a whopping 22 tracks is ‘Mafunde’, an eerie and addictive new single from 19 year old rapper and producer Sam Turpin. There’s Seferino’s super smile-inducing ‘Party Master’ (from his upcoming EP, Monkey With No Tail!), a Hello Beautiful remix of Priest’s ‘The Game’, 10 minutes of blissful ambience from Felix Laband, a soulful collab between Para One and the South African Youth Choir and two captivating tracks from the third instalment of Subterranean Wavelength (a rare bouquet of African experimental electronica). We’ve also included a mutant gqom remix of Drake’s ‘No Tellin’, intimate folk from Miles Sievwright and grungy garage rock courtesy of Red Bull Studio’s The Pit Album. There’s a ton of variety and the fact that everything you’re about to hear was released in the past few weeks shows what an amazing, diverse musical landscape we have here in SA.




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