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A Portrait of Lubumbashi, DRC: Petite Noir’s Music Video for ‘Down’


Petite Noir describes his upcoming album La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful as the first full expression of Noirwave. This, more of a concept than a specific sound, encompasses a ‘new African aesthetic’. Released prior to the album’s official launch ‘Down’ gives us a small taste of what to expect. The song came out towards the end of June and was accompanied by a video filmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Shot by Max Mogale with creative direction by Rharha Nembhard it acts as a travel diary of sorts, documenting Yannick Ilunga’s trip to his hometown of Lubumbashi. Footage of Rharha and Yannick dancing playfully is interspersed with locals standing as though they’re about to have their photograph taken, forming a beautiful portrait of the place and its people.


La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful will be released on September 11, 2015.


Petite Noir 'Down' (1)

Petite Noir 'Down' (2)

Petite Noir 'Down' (3)

Petite Noir 'Down' (4)


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