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Colourful “Beatbugs” Imagined With Face Paint in a Music Video by Krushed and Sorted


After waking up from a dream involving the unlikely combination of beatboxing and creatures like frogs, fish and bugs, director and music producer Fletcher Beadon set out to make it a reality. To transform the mouths of beatboxers Andreson Chikuse (aka Benz) and Denver Turner (aka D.Form) into crazy and colourful creatures or “Beatbugs”, he enlisted the help of make up artist and stylist Jim Raubenheimer and illustrator Rick Treweek. Additionally, the whole thing was brought together by director of photography Rowan Pybus and post-production manager Inka Kendzia (aka The Grrrl). The end result is loads of fun to watch, see what went into the process in a making of video below.



Director: Fletcer Beadon

Featuring: Andreson Chikuse (aka Benz) and Denver Turner (aka D.Form)

Director of photography: Rowan Pybus

Make-up artist: Jim Raubenheimer

Character designer: Rick Treweek

Titles and VFX: Inka Kendzia (aka The Grrrl)


Beatbugs (1)

Beatbugs (4)

Beatbugs (2)

Beatbugs (3)



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