Oh Wow! – Collapsing Sunsets, African Skyscrapers and Dancing Hands.

In this week’s collection of wows you’ll find a colour-popping studio shoot, a series of abstract “collapsing sunsets” from an upcoming solo show and a video for Damascvs’ percussive new single ‘Sogan Brashni’.


ONE – A multi-layered black and mirror perspex piece by Jordan Metcalf.




TWO – ‘Solar Flare’ by Betina du Toit for Russh magazine. See the full shoot and credits here.


Betina du Toit (1)

Betina du Toit (2)

Betina du Toit (3)


THREE – ‘Collapsing Sunset/The Abandonment of Romance’ I, IV and VIII from Morné Visagie’s upcoming solo show The Line of Beauty at Whatiftheworld.


Collapsing Sunset I

Collapsing Sunset IV

Collapsing Sunset VIII


FOUR – The ‘Possum’ range in Missibaba’s Iconic Collection, for which they’re revisiting a total of 5 much loved styles over 5 months. 


Possum Campaign

iconic-missibaba (1)


FIVE – The first two drawings in Lucie de Moyencourt‘s series of African skyscrapers.


Standard Bank Building in Joburg

Standard Bank Building in Joburg

Sandton during load-shedding

Sandton during load-shedding


SIXDamascvs new single ‘Sogan Brashni’ released via Quit Safari with a music video shot by Adam Kent Wiest.



SEVEN – An illustrated print by Amber Smith for the Fresh Neat exhibition, named ‘Enid’ after the character in Ghost World.


Enid by Amber Smith



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