Do It Yourselfie | Bite-Size DIY Videos by Studio Bolland


Because cracking a rotten egg into a batch of perfectly good ones is no-one’s idea of a good time, Studio Bolland initiated and produced ‘Do It Yourselfie’ – a sweet series of bite-size DIY videos. Done in a hand-drawn style the 10 animated shorts are designed to help make life easier with useful, everyday tips and tricks for things like testing whether a battery is empty, fixing a leaky hosepipe or keeping out a chilly breeze using socks. Check them out and the next time you’re dealing with those temperamental avocados, you’ll know who to thank.


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One Comment

  1. It is always so cool to see the dedication displayed by self motivated work.

    It’s not easy amongst commercial schedules, and incurred costs.

    So thanks for the pretty (and informative) content studio bolland!