Spectacular Scenes of AfrikaBurn in a Short Film by The Grand•Kids Collective


The Grand Kids Collective has released this spectacular video that, through mesmerising scenes, explores the people, the art works and the spirit of AfrikaBurn in an amazing representation of what the festival is about and what to expect next year.


‘Burners’ make the pilgrimage to Stonehenge Farm in the Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa once every year. This year’s theme contemplated the idea of ‘The Gift’ asking questions such as ‘What is a gift?’, ‘What is art?’ and ‘What is the work of the gift after it has left the makers’ hands?’. This idea was embraced by the inhabitants of the temporary Tankwa Town who created a fun and otherworldly landscape, something that almost looked unreal.


With exceptional camera work this film captures people riding on decorated bikes and dancing in the night, the artworks which are on an impressive scale, and the dark sky being set alight when all the installations are burned at the end of the festival. But it also captures the loving and creative spirit that everyone shares, and the festival’s acceptance of individuality.




Directed and Filmed by Dewald Brand
Narration and Photography by Max Mogale
Edited by Paul Domanski and Dewald Brand
Visual Effects by Kambani Chamane
Colour Grading by Martin Geldenhuys
Sound Design by Tim Pringle and Paul Domanski
Aerial Footage by Barry Smit and Graham Newton
Produced by The Grand•Kids Collective


And music:
Air – “Alone In Kyoto”
The Black Angels – “Young Men Dead”
Darkside- “Golden Arrow”
Gorillaz – “Demon Days”
(No music rights were obtained. No copy right infringement intended)


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