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Seferino Shares the Music Video for His Melancholy Reggae Track ‘Party Master’


Since dropping his catchy single ‘Party Master’, Cape Town-based singer/producer Seferino (who also forms part of John Wizards) has shared a music video to accompany it. Filmed during the summer, the video is mostly comprised of Seferino driving alongside the coast, playing piano, drawing or standing rather despondently on the beach while two friends dance on either side of him.


“‘Party Master’ is a song I wrote last year just after getting back from John Wizards’ second tour,” he told The FADER. “I hadn’t been playing much (the classic touring irony), so I was quite pleased to get sucked into a groove so swiftly and [begin] to make music again. Especially the sort of melancholy reggae groove that it turned into.”


His four track EP, Monkey With No Tail! finds “nature and pop perfectly aligned” and it’s due for release through Secret Songs later this month. In the meantime, keep up with Seferino on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.


Seferino 'Party Master' (2)

Seferino 'Party Master' (3)

Seferino 'Party Master' (4)


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